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Polymer Recycle Inc is the plastic transformation specialist operating in south shore of Montreal

Plastic transformation specialists offering professional services

What we do?

Polymer Recycle Inc is a post-industrial plastic transformation company operating in Quebec, Canada. Our team takes used plastic materials and transforms them into pellets, granules and compounds.

The transformed plastics can then be used to manufacture many other products, including:

  • Packaging for shipments
  • Construction products
  • Motor vehicle components

Our granules are made-to-measure, and we can adapt to your moulding specifications.

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Why transform plastic?

Plastic is consumed in huge quantities across the globe. Recognizing that the manufacture of new plastics is harmful to our natural resources, Polymer Recycle Inc has committed itself to providing an eco-friendly alternative.

transforming plastic offers a host of benefits, such as:

  • Providing an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional way plastic is extracted from natural resources
  • Reducing the amount of pollution
  • Preserving the environment by saving natural resources

Our plant is located in Quebec, but our transformed plastic granules are distributed worldwide. To contribute to the preservation of our environment, get in touch today!

We aim to help in preserving our environment


Why Choose Polymer Recycle Inc?


Our experienced technicians guarantee the best services.

Sustainable Approach

We pride ourselves on an environmentally-friendly approach.

Customer Oriented

All our services can be tailored to your requirements.

Sturdy Equipment

Our reliable and efficient equipment delivers the best results.

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