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Plastic transformation Processus

After the preliminary analysis of the post-industrial plastics received directly from companies, they go through three phases:

  • Laboratory analysis: our team controls the quality of all incoming plastics through extensive laboratory analysis. This will ensure that each batch is free of contamination.
  • Resizing: This step involves shredding the plastics for easier handling. Using shredders and granulators, we create fragments that are used in the final phase.
  • Compounding: the fragments are cleaned again and then processed into the high quality plastic pellets that we sell.

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Why Transform?

At Polymer Recycle Inc, we believe the transformation and reuse of plastics offer various environmentally-friendly advantages, such as:

  • Saving non-renewable raw materials. Oil, for example, which serves as the base of many plastics, is saved when transforming.
  • Energy efficiency. Our process uses less energy than the production of primary plastics.
  • Reducing pollution. Landfill and incineration costs are done away with as we transform all the plastics.

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