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Recycling of Post-Industrial Plastic | QC, Ontario and USA

Polymer Recycle Inc specializes in the recycling of post industrial plastic materials. Call us!

We transform plastic wastes in to pellets and granules.

Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling Specialists

Polymer Recycle Inc is a full service processor for all types of post-industrial plastic materials including water bottles, containers and auto parts.

As a team fully committed to preserving the environment, we help businesses better manage their plastic waste. We buy your plastic scrap and help turn your waste into revenue.

Not only is recycling good for the environment, but also for your reputation and budget. Give us a call to get started!

Your specialist in post-industrial plastic recycling

Plastic Recycling Laval, Plastic Recycling Montreal, Plastic Recycling Toronto

Improving the Environment

At Polymer Recycle Inc, our goal is to improve the environment through intelligent and practical recycling services.

We firmly believe that almost all plastic can be recycled and reused through a proper green process. Part of our job includes educating small and large companies adopt an environmentally-friendly approach when dealing with their plastic waste.

All your plastic materials are transformed into pellets and granules that can be easily used for other applications.

Helping businesses adopt a green approach

Plastic Recycling Laval, Plastic Recycling Montreal, Plastic Recycling Toronto

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Plastic regrinding services

All types of plastic recycling

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